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Where to shop

Crickhowell High Street is one of the few shopping streets left in the country where local businesses selling local produce and local products recall a long lost era when all high streets reflected the character of their town and had their own identity. Here you will be welcomed by friendly and knowledgeable shop keepers who take a real pride in what they sell. This is reflected in the launch of Totally Locally Crickhowell. Totally Locally Crickhowell developed from CRiC's Tourism Group Crickhowell & Black Mountains (CBMT) wishing to collectively do something to boost the local economy and promote the town's independent shops and businesses. Crickhowell is very lucky to not have any empty shops on the High Street, and with the help of the local community and visitors, we plan to keep it that way!
There is also a wide selection of places to eat from pubs to cafes and restaurants and a bistro. Take your time - but it is impossible to hurry!