Gliffaes ws 2012

Gliffaes ws 2012

There are few more pleasant things in life than looking at a menu with friends and family, drink in hand, after a day out in the fresh air. It all looks tempting and expectations are high. Staying at Gliffaes means you can have wonderful food right here and enjoy more than one glass of wine as there is no need to drive anywhere for dinner.

Gone are the days of having to accept poor food in Great Britain when you go out; we have become a nation of foodies – you expect good food. We realise that our reputation hangs by the last meal we serve you, whether it is a lamb chop for lunch, a scone for tea, ribeye steak for dinner or a kipper at breakfast. We have to get it right for you – that is our aim at Gliffaes.

Being in the middle of a National Park and surrounded by farmland that is not intensively farmed means we have especially good local lamb and beef in particular. Moving into autumn & winter you will enjoy the best of game, partridge, pheasant and venison. 2007 was the start of us growing vegetables for the hotel – all be it on a small scale at present.

It goes without saying that we are always open to non-residents for all meals, although we do ask if you could telephone and book for dinner. 01874 730 371

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