Partrishow Church

Partishow Church

Partishow Church

Partrishow (or Partricio) Church is tucked away above Forest Coal Pit, about 5 miles north of Abergavenny.

One of the treasures of Partrishow is its exquisite Rood Screen, carved out of Irish oak. At the rear of the church is an unusual dugout parish chest carved out of a solid tree trunk, with iron bands around it and three locks, once used for the safe keeping of parish valuables. On the wall are some very rare medieval wall paintings Рone of which features the figure of Doom, with an hour glass in one hand and a sickle in the other and a spade hanging from his arm.

In the churchyard there is a medieval preachers cross as well as fine views down the valley.

Just down the road from the church is an ancient well. This is St Issui’s Well, a hermit who lived here and was reputedly murdered by a passing traveller. It is still revered for its healing properties.


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