Cwm Claisfer Nature Reserve

Nature Reserves ws2012

Nature Reserves ws2012

The wooded reserve of Cwm Claisfer is a mixture of commercial forestry with areas of high nature conservation interest. The Trust has a management agreement with the Forestry Commission and works with them to enhance the wood’s biodiversity and accessibility, whilst allowing it to remain commercially viable.

What to look out for:

The best part of the wood has developed below the limestone escarpment of Craig Cwm Claisfer, an area of old red sandstone. This is a mixed ash and alder woodland with a boulder-strewn floor supporting a rich carpet of mosses and liverworts. The site’s different soils produce a mixed ground flora of calcium-loving and calcium-hating plant species. Look out for sanicle, lesser spearwort, St John’s wort, lady’s mantle and a wide range of ferns.

The verges of the wide forest tracks are a good place for spotting butterflies. They can be seen feeding on thistles and other plants on the sunny margins of the woodland rides.

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