Crick Explorer Quizzes

Crick the Dragon ws

Crick the Dragon ws

There’s a new explorer in town and he goes by the name of Crick the Dragon.

The engaging character is the star of five quiz trails that have been developed for children (and their families) as a way of exploring and learning more about who and what lives in Crickhowell and the surrounding area.

Developed by the Crickhowell and Black Mountains Tourism Group, with the help of COLLABOR8, the quizzes ask a range of questions about the wildlife, buildings and geography of the area. Part of the quiz is a treasure hunt and local businesses are showing their support by displaying a sticker of Crick in their windows.

There are five quizzes in total and as well as being great fun to complete, they also act as suggested itineraries for families – from an hour’s walk around Crickhowell to an all-day adventure around the Black Mountains.  Cal into CRiC to pick up your quiz today

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