South Wales Potters visiting Crickhowell

Posted on Sep 29th 2017

In the wake of the BBC’s ‘Great Pottery Throwdown’, the popularity of pottery has increased, with evening classes full and the public intrigued by the pottery process.  South Wales Potters, now a group of 200 members, have organised an exhibition in the CRiC Studio, opposite Oriel CRiC in Crickhowell.

Gill Pitman Curly Angel
Paul Taylor Vessels 3
Carole Spackman Owl XX

SWP was formed in 1964 “to share skills, experience, technical knowledge and indefatigable enthusiasm” (Walter Keeler, honorary president).  This exhibition showcases the work of over twenty members, illustrating a diverse range of pottery, from figurative sculptures and abstract vessels to wall-hung work as well as domestic functional pieces.

Here are a few examples of members exhibiting. Carole Spackman will be showing her owls and hares as well as her ‘Meadow flowers’ tableware, all inspired by her Llanddeusant surroundings. Pauline Paterson’s ideas for her work come from her love of cooking and entertaining, strongly believing that the presentation of food is as important as its taste.  Gill Pitman from Swansea makes ceramic wall plaques that can be either hung or used for tiling featuring animals, figures and landscapes. Paul Taylor uses ultra-thin slabs of textured terracotta to create vessels of a distinctive quality.  These are fired multiple times, including smoking them with combustible material in a saggar that provides a range of surprising and often unpredictable results.

The exhibition runs from October 7th – 29th

Open daily, from 10am – 5pm Monday – Saturday, 10am – 1.30pm Sunday.

CRiC Studio, Beaufort Street, Crickhowell, Powys  NP8 1BN


Further details can be obtained from Carole Spackman or from the South Wales Potters web-site





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