New exhibition for autumn in the oriel cric gallery

Posted on Sep 16th 2017

With the arrival of autumn, the oriel CRiC gallery features a selection of work from Richard Bavin’s Lea and Paget’s Wood series – ‘A Year in the Life of an Ancient Woodland’ alongside that of The Picturemakers – a collective of visual artists working in Mid-Wales.  Work by a number of respected regional exhibitors has resulted in a particularly varied exhibition.

Lea and Paget’s Wood, one of 55 reserves managed by Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, is where Richard has been working year round as artist-in-residence capturing the unique spirit of this much loved ancient woodland.

Richard sees this as a very special project and partnership with the Trust. “It’s a privilege to be given open access to Lea and Paget’s Wood with its fascinating breadth of trees and wildlife. I love the way the wood is hidden in a cleft in the hillside, it feels like walking into another world.”

Each season brings its own surprises and delights, colours and moods, and special encounters with wildlife.  Richard relishes the opportunity to be still, to observe in detail and to experience the shifting light and weather.  Back in his attic studio, he uses his outdoor records as a starting point for watercolours and oils in which he seeks to convey the joy of being among trees in all weathers, and especially to capture moments when a scene is transformed by particular conditions of light and weather.

There will be an opportunity to meet and see Richard Bavin at work on watercolours or sketches in the gallery on Saturday 7 October from 11am to 4pm.

The landscape in its various moods is well represented in this exhibition. Among others, visitors will find favourites such as Paul Burgess with his fascinating patterned landscapes, but also his highly figurative representation of animals. Equally popular is Rhian Symes whose vibrant depiction of wildlife in water continues to intrigue visitors.

With paintings and prints complemented by ceramics, jewellery, sculpture and furniture the gallery in the Crickhowell Resource & Information Centre, remains a great attraction to a day out in Crickhowell. The autumn exhibition continues until 13 November 2017.






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