Meeting for Dementia Friendly Activists in Crickhowell

Posted on Jan 27th 2018


Progress is being made with developing Crickhowell as a dementia friendly community. We are improving our approach with the help of national organisations and the excellent examples set by neighbouring towns.

One of our key challenges is to co-ordinate all the local groups who are already active or have an interest in our aims and activities.

We are holding a public meeting at 6pm on Tuesday 27th February at the Parish Hall in Crickhowell. The meeting will be chaired by Ian Thomas of the Alzheimers Society. The aim will be to set up a steering committee to move us forward to ‘DFC’ status and ensure that awareness and support are an ongoing asset for those with dementia and for their carers.

Ian Thomas says “We are hoping to welcome representatives from all interested local parties, including individuals, carers, volunteers, professionals and businesses, and we would love the opportunity to hear questions and suggestions on how we can develop awareness and support within our community. Significant good work is already going on in Crickhowell, so we would want to help by acting as a reporting forum and practical support and development co-ordinator rather than taking over the reins.”

Please come along to the meeting and let your friends know as well.

For further information please contact:

Ian Thomas :

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