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Eastern Facial (20 mins) helping to reduce facial tension by soothing sensory nerve endings and releasing mood enhancing endorphins to promote healthy skin and serenity. Finger tapping, stroking, gentle massage and gliding all combine to give a relaxed state of mind

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Reflexology (45 mins) to stimulate and improve all body systems.  Pressure applied to points on the feet enhance the work of each of the organs of the body, triggering and encouraging relaxation, better health and easing pain.


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Aromatherapy Massage – the essential oils used act immediately and powerfully, giving deep relaxation to tired muscles and minds. Calming and balancing too.

Body Massage – without essential oils. Can be gentle or stimulating, depending on client preference. Body massage is an age old remedy for stimulating circulation, improving muscles and organs of the body. especially good in easing aches and pains, tensions and eliminating toxins.

Reflexology – an ancient therapy used to treat the feet which represent the whole of the body. Applying gentle pressure stimulates and improves each of the body systems.

Indian Head Massage – relaxes the upper back, shoulders, arms and neck. It improves circulation, releases tension and soothes the head and face. Driving sitting at computers and emotional stress all cause tension in these areas.

Hopi Ear Candling – is an interesting, subtle and effective way of helping to relieve migraine, tinnitus, itchy ear and sinus problems. The gentle “chimney” effect of the candle helps to massage the inner ear and can draw out wax.

Eastern Facial – a combination of Japanese & Indian massage relieving congestion and general tension in the face, head and neck areas. Skin is stimulated and circulation improved, helping exfoliation and release of toxins. Emotions and energies usually feel more balanced.

Thai Foot Massage – light pressure and stretching of feet and lower legs energise and stimulate all body systems. Good for stiffness and a lovely introduction to reflexology.

Ayurveda Massage – encourages the balance of the three vital energies or ‘doshas’ which may be referred to as our constitution, detoxifying and rejuvinating by working on the meridian system in a very gentle way.
Abhyanga – a full body massage with warm oils, relaxing and stimulating all the main energy centres.  Deeply calming and restful.
Mukhabhyanga – deeply relaxing facial with head, neck and shoulder massage using warm oils.
Padabhyanga & Hastabhyanga – massages the arms and legs with warm oils, stimulating the energy centres and promoting good health and vitality.


Emotional Freedom Therapy – based on the old meridian system whilst using a newer tried and tested method of releasing trauma or negative emotion held in our minds.  EFT can help to “wash away” the memory held within us.

Facial – a gentle cleanse,exfoliate, massage and moisturise using quality organic products from Neal’s Yard Remedies.  A lovely way to treat yourself!

A Combi Treatment …. of Aromatherapy Massage and Reflexology – treatment designed to relax you in the run up to Christmas.  Enjoy essential oils blended to suit you and enhance a bespoke massage followed by reflexology to complete a well-deserved treat!


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