Posted on Oct 27th 2017

Last year we celebrated the 100th anniversary of Cwmdu Eisteddfod and the Committee is deeply indebted to the neighbouring schools and communities in enabling us to maintain one of the last local Eisteddfodau in South Powys.  Help to keep this traditional festival alive by entering for one of the competitions now.  Parties and choirs singing in any language bring a vibrancy to the whole event and we would love to hear from your choir – whether you are used to Eisteddfodau or have never participated before, please get in touch

Competitions in the afternoon this year include:-
Recitation:- under 8yrs, 8-11yrs, 12-14yrs,15-18yrs

Vocal solos, duets, unison singing, piano, instrumental solos, instrumental groups, youth choir, folk dance (all own selection).

Visual Art    “ School Sports”   (Any medium, maximum size A4)

Written entries (to be submitted to LiteratureAdjudicator by Nov.7th)

Story “ A day at the seaside” (under 8 years)

“ Summer Camp”          (8-11 years)

Poem “Amazing creatures” (under 8 years)

Thunderstorm”         (8-11 years)

Handwriting “ Jenny Wren”   (11years and under)

(NB poem to be found on back of programme)

Competition in the evening include :-

Song from a Musical (under 25yrs), Male and female solos, duet, Hymn tune,Instrumental solo, Champion recitation, Party 16 voices,

Champion solo (1st prize £125). Choir (1st prize £125)
Written entries
Poem   “The Ages of Man/ Oesoedd Dyn)

Humorous poem “The Coach Trip”

Best sentence from the word “Festivals”

Limerick 1st line “When Jim lost the keys to the car”

Carnhuanawc Essay:-  Welsh literary, historical, music topic of own choice  (maximum 1000 words)

Short story  “ Seemed like a good idea” 750-1000 words.


Full details and programmes available from Mrs Jean Huxley (Sec)

01874 730282 or Mrs Janice Block( Chairman) 01874 730286

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